Disappointed with (Love) AHAVA

**AHAVA means Love in Hebrew**

Last week I made a mistake and that I must admit to – I bought a product without thoroughly checking it out, I mean I thought I did, but apparently that wasn’t enough.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m looking for new skincare products since getting rid of my long time favorites L’Occitane who decided to go into the China market (reminder why China is bad for bunnies), thus effectively removing their cruelty free status. I have been searching far and wide for something cruelty free, affordable, accessible and very hypoallergenic seeing as my skin is very sensitive (have already reviewed Liz Earle).

I was looking into a company I had used before named AHAVA, an Israeli company marketed internationally with products based on minerals derived from the Dead Sea. Anyone who has been there knows the mud does wonders for your skin besides being therapeutic for people suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis. I knew they had a bunny approval from the Israeli anti-vivisection society and that they were a bit pricey but I was willing to spend a little extra to find something that worked, so I was very pleased to find their products at a reasonable price when I went home to visit for a week. Before buying I of course checked their status once more on the Israeli anti-vivisection app on my phone just to make sure and found that their cruelty free status was still intact, so I bought a moisturizer and toner.


After using the products for a week I thought my search was over and was ready to write a raving review, but I decided to check on something that was nagging me just to make sure – I googled AHAVA + China and arrived at a few financial articles from around August/September talking about how a Chinese investment company is in the very advanced stages of acquiring AHAVA and becoming the major shareholder. The articles then went on to detail that the goal of course would be to start marketing in China as soon as possible.
That is terrible!!! Why????

Well, the reason most of the articles gave was that the company’s sales were taking a hit due to a boycott by the BDS movement and they were looking for other sources of income (BDS is a political issue I will not be getting into, email or facebook me if you would like to get into it) and decided on China.
So, their business rationale was this – instead of looking for other investors they chose the easy way out and sold out their morals for money. On top of that, not only are they still going to be boycotted, they have now lost their cruelty free customers all in the hopes that entering the Chinese market would make everything better.

Following this realization I wrote to AHAVA’s customer service and asked specifically do they test on animals and are they planning on entering the Chinese market? They answered that they definitely do not test and that I can keep buying their products, completely skating by the question about China. I replied, asking them to specifically confirm/deny the China issue, the response – “I have answered you regarding the products we currently sell because that was what you asked, I am not authorized to make promises for the future“. Oh really…?
A company committed to its CF status would NEVER give this answer. And you know what? even if this current deal falls through for some reason I won’t be buying their products anymore, because given the option this company would condone animal suffering in exchange for money.


This is really too bad, I guess the search for the perfect skincare routine continues but at least we learned a cautionary lesson here kids – always check multiple sources! and when in doubt try and get an answer directly from the company, because sometimes what they aren’t saying is more important than what they are.

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2 thoughts on “Disappointed with (Love) AHAVA

  1. China is the one country that does not allow some imported cosmetic products unless it’s tested on animals first. However, I read that on Peta that there is progress on that, in which they allow some cosmetics to be marketed without animal testing (first). I think that still sucks. One of the companies I love is 100 Percent Pure, because they are 100% cruelty free, think of the environment, and their ingredients in every product they sell is 100% all natural. They specifically don’t sell their products in China because of that reason. They said they won’t sell there unless China stops testing on animals first. I just love their standards.


  2. Exactly, there are other options, you don’t have to sell in China. I think companies still underestimate the power cruelty free consumers have.
    P.S. – I’ve heard a lot about 100% pure lately, I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to buy their nail polish


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