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Sick Sammy

Hi all,

This Sunday I was planning on continuing my posts about pet nutrition but after the week we had I wasn’t in the mood and decided to write about my boy Sammy. For anyone following me on instagram you’ll know he’s been sick all week.

It started when we came back from vacation. David and I went home for a week to visit family and left Sammy in the hands of friends we trust completely. They sent me pictures everyday of Sammy playing with their pets and everything was fine. When we got back on Sunday David went to get him an hour after we arrived home because we couldn’t stand how empty the house felt . On the way Sammy had a little diarrhea but nothing serious, dogs eat rubbish all the time and this happens so we weren’t worried especially since I wanted to go to the Vet the next day anyway to get a prescription for a regular preventative deworming. Next day we went to the Vet, I explained, they said that there was a gastrointestinal virus going around and that they had seen a large amount of dogs with the same symptoms (later another friend told me her dog had it too), they gave him a treatment and sent us home with instructions to only give him rice and tuna (easily digestible) and return Thursday. Cool.


2:00 AM that night – heaving noises started and from there on Sammy just couldn’t stop vomiting. While it was happening he gave us this look as if to say HELP ME and it wasn’t just heartbreaking it was heart shattering. After 20 minutes I decided enough was enough so we called a taxi to take us to the 24 hour clinic (poor taxi driver, Sammy vomited all over his back seat) where the Vet said he was in general good condition but probably had a gastrointestinal problem although nothing too worrisome and blamed the elusive virus too. He gave him something to stop the vomiting since this can cause dehydration if not treated and that was that. For the next couple of days Sammy seemed to be improving – he was in a good mood, eating, his poop was becoming more solid. Thursday was a bit hectic so I decided to take him back to the Vet for a checkup on Friday instead.

7:30 AM Friday – heaving noises again. Not only was he vomiting but now he also had diarrhea so uncontrollable he did it in the house which is something he would never do. And that look again, that HELP look again, I thought I was going to cry but there was no time for that and this wasn’t about me. We packed him up and took him to the Vet a half hour before they officially open so maybe someone would see him. When we got in and explained everything they said he had to stay in order to receive fluids and electrolytes and to run some tests. We left him there and my heart shattered again, I walked home instead of taking the bus and was kicking myself the whole way thinking about what I could have done differently and what signs I had missed. They called after a few hours to say I could come and get him. Now he’s resting a lot and has been able to keep food down so far but I’m still so afraid he’s going to relapse.

I’ll update about his situation further along the week on instagram and twitter.

Thank you for reading and normal posting will resume next week, for now I wish you all good health!

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