Liz Earle Review

Oh you’re going to hate me…I wanted this review to be good, I swear I did! But unfortunately it won’t be, so Liz Earle fans I’m sorry.

As I mentioned before I am looking for a new skincare regime and have been trying out some options. The things I am looking for are first of all cruelty free and secondly affordable (in that order). After a little research I arrived at Liz Earle. I read so many good things about it that I decided to order their trial kit for dry/sensitive skin since mine is both (hooray for genetics).

It came in a nice packaging from QVC which included a small travel bag, a cotton cloth, facial cleanser, exfoliater, toner and moisturizer. I don’t know how much others care about packaging and branding but in my opinion it’s important because like it or not looks count, they make you feel something, and the Liz Earle branding is solid. It’s clean and even though it’s affordable, it doesn’t make you feel cheap.

liz earle dry skin

And with that feeling so trial week began…

I followed the instructions for the cleanser – apply to face and then wash off with the damp cotton cloth – followed by the toner and moisturizer. The cleansing went well and it did remove a good amount of makeup and dirt but my eyes started puffing up almost immediately, which already meant I wouldn’t be able to use this stuff anymore.

But to be totally forthcoming, I know I have a sensitivity issue and did’t want to rule this out completely so I decided to try and tough it out for a few extra days to at least see if it had a good effect on my skin but it really wasn’t worth it. Besides the allergic reaction in my eyes I started breaking out and my skin became very dry. Both of these reactions are somewhat strange seeing as this line is for dry/sensitive skin and it did the exact opposite. In the end I didn’t even last the week and went back to remnants of my old products just so my skin could balance out a bit.

On the positive side I got a cute bag out of it and the cotton towel. And even though my experience wasn’t a good one I would like to commend Liz Earle for having this option of a small trial kit. Not every company has the option of samples (or they are just stingy with them for some reason) and you end up spending a lot of money for something you then use maybe twice, and for someone with an allergic situation such as mine this could add up to a lot of money.

I would really like to hear from people who tried Liz Earle and had a good experience because there are many of you – what did it do for your skin and why do you like it so much? I don’t know, maybe I’m missing something or maybe some products are better than others.

Oh well, the search continues!

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3 thoughts on “Liz Earle Review

    1. Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately Avene sell in China where animal testing is still an issue so I won’t be able to check them out :-/


  1. I have found Liz Earle products to be very good for my sensitive skin. The cleanser and toner really leave a smoother face. She is no longer associated with the company and went on to form LizEarle Wellbeing and I worry about any changes in the future. Very frustrating keeping up with companies who either change hands or marketing goals
    and subsequently their ethical direction. I also liked L’Occitane until it started selling in China.


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