Best of 2014/2015 – My Wedding

My husband and I just celebrated our 1yr anniversary on 29.12 and on 1.1.16 we’ll be celebrating 5 years together. He was my 2011 New year’s present. We met on a blind date that was arranged by a family member of his I was working with. I had just finished my B.Sc in Biology and was taking a break in order to think of my next step so I started working as a legal secretary. I had two better offers but for some reason I was drawn to that particular firm. I later understood that David was the reason.

So, seeing as all these occasions fit in perfectly with the end of another year I thought I’d write about my wedding. It was a strange experience really because during the whole day none of it felt like it was happening to me, it was something of an out of body experience. After fretting for 4 months about every detail I still couldn’t understand what everyone was doing there and why they were looking at me. Not to say that I didn’t have an amazing time (I did plan it after all didn’t I?), but it was just so weird! A friend of mine later told me she had the same experience, maybe it’s something people who aren’t used to being in the spotlight go through.

And after that intro lets get into it:

The dress:

I was looking for a 50s styled dress because that is what works best for my figure, when a friend of mine who is very much into swing dancing told me to look at Vivienne of Holloway a retro inspired british website and shop. I immediately found the dress I wanted and with minor alterations it was perfect. The bonus was it only cost around £200 and no one believed it was an internet purchase seeing as dresses in Israel start at €2000 and just take off from there. When the party began I changed into a less heavy white dress from topshop that was spectacular.EI0B1067_670

Hair and makeup:

Both done by Ruth Toledo. We did a trial run a few months before and since I knew the style of the dress I wanted to stay in theme but without it looking like I was in costume. So Ruth understood and decided to go heavy on the eyeliner and red lipstick to stay with the vibe but still kept it modern enough so it didn’t look like a photoshoot for a 50s commercial. My hair was kept up because I didn’t want to fuss with it the whole day and she added a cool wave in the front. I think the end result came out very good and mom was happy, which really is the only thing that counts.10806383_10152494639636415_6311998138032772778_n


By Gilad Mashiah. When I saw the stuff he did for a friend of mine I knew he was the one I wanted to use. Another friend of mine gave him the best compliment in my opinion – she said you can actually feel our personalities when you go through the album, which in my opinion is very hard to do. He was so nice to work with during the whole day and made us feel so relaxed even though we really don’t photograph ourselves much.  If You’d like to see more of our wedding we’re also featured on his site and all photos in this post are by him of course!

Venue and design:

The venue was a much disputed subject but it worked out well in the end. “The Q” was amazing on its own but two girls made it even better – Arbel Eshed and Nitzan Arad. The budget for this was tight but they made the best of it. Everything had vibrant colors and twinkly lights and I was so happy with the end result. They were a last addition to the budget but it was well worth it. (Nitzan has since left but the wonderful Arbel is still going strong at Arbel Decor).


The DJ had a tough job because we had guests from Israel, South-Africa, Australia and the USA, all used to very different styles, but in the end he was able to blend everything well for a good party. For the reception though David’s brother volunteered his band of weddings/events musicians – Eclectica. I trusted him completely and just said I wanted Jazz, so brought his Jazz musicians and they really really did an excellent job and people couldn’t get enough of them.EI0B2208_670

I CANNOT believe it’s already been a year. Time has just flown by but looking back I wouldn’t have done anything differently. It was an amazing way to end 2014 and start 2015.

But hands down the best part of 2015?

This guy!

Hope you all had a wonderful 2015 and have an even better 2016!

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8 thoughts on “Best of 2014/2015 – My Wedding

  1. My wedding day for my husband and I went by so quick! We also had a lot of fun, and now we’re heading into our 8th year of being married this coming August, as well as being together for a total of 13 years! We got married on the day we actually got together as a couple, so we celebrate it both on the same day.

    Thanks for sharing about your special day! Happy New Year and a happy marriage to you both!


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