Going Home

The end of year vacation is the best time to go home seeing as this is the only time students get 3 weeks of total freedom (besides summer vacation). So every year since coming to Italy I look forward to this vacation – the first year I went back my boyfriend proposed, the second year we got married and this year we’ll be celebrating our 1st anniversary. Besides that I just plan on spending time with my family and studying for a big test in January.

But packing all my makeup for a week or more is usually difficult because I use 2 separate bags – one for brushes that take up loads of space and one for the actual makeup which, at the minimum, includes – foundation, concealer, corrector, fixing mist, mascara, 3 shades of blush (at least) and 4-5 shades of lipstick. For this reason I was looking for a brush set to travel with, when one arrived in the post courtesy of my in-laws for my birthday in November.

Photo by Dana Albert

This is an 8 piece mini brush set from Lily Lolo (I’ve already reviewed them here). It contains all synthetic brushes with shorter handles and comes in a black case with a small pocket for makeup storage. I’ve already tried it out on weekend trip we took to Slovenia and it definitely made all the difference because I was able to pack everything in one small case and they work pretty well too. So all in all, in my opinion this is a very good set to get.

On our way to Slovenia

Hope you’re all having a good vacation and getting some family time! And if you’re bored use the comments to tell me which travel set you like.

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