How Bold Are You?

Winter brings with it cold, dark skies, snow in some places, and if you’re living in Padua, Italy – fog. Lots and lots of  fog.

That’s why winter always makes me feel like I want to go dark, like vamp dark, and with Christmas and New Year’s parties coming up I think a bold lip is the only way to go.

Actually, dark bold lips already start making an appearance as early as mid summer on fall/winter runways with designers all wanting to get show goers into the severe winter mood and be on point with the coming season’s trends. These are the looks I love and research the most and the ones that in my opinion work best are those centering on the bold lip with just a little complementing blush and eye-liner because anything more is just too much, and why would you want to take attention away from those gorgeous lips anyway?

vamp lip
My obsession with lipstick names continues

The problem with these lipsticks is that they are very messy. The colors stain everything easily and one small mistake while applying can lead to a hard time correcting it. I usually apply them with a lip brush just to make sure I don’t color outside the lines, or use a lip lining pencil that will also help prevent the color from bleeding as this happens sometimes, especially with these bold colors.

And of course, don’t forget that since these stain your lips aggressively they should be well prepared first – use a lip scrub before applying so as to have a smooth base. I use one from Lush that I really really like (possible post idea?).

Left to right: Cherry Bomb by Wet n Wild, Bewitching by NYX, Sugar Plum Fairy by Wet n Wild, Desire by Lily Lolo

Above are the colors I’m currently using. As you can see they range from a dark red wine/cherry color, through dark purple and a somewhat lighter red. I used to wait for the perfect opportunity to wear colors like these, maybe an evening out or a party, but at some point I stopped caring and decided that yes, this might be too much for a day at Uni when most of the students arrive in sweatshirts, but why not meet a friend for tea and be absolutely Bewitching or dab on some Sugar Plum Fairy before shopping? As in everything – you just have to own it.

As always I hope this was helpful and that you enjoyed reading. I’d love to hear your thoughts about wearing a bold lip so leave a comment and let me know. Next time I’ll be posting will be on Thursday.

Happy Holidays!

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(All photos courtesy of the talented Dana Albert who definitely raised the quality of this blog)


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