Color Me Red

Before my wedding last year (almost 1 yr anniversary!) I didn’t usually wear lipstick, maybe only for special events and I don’t have much of those. But then this happened:

Photo by Gilad Mashiah, Makeup by Ruth Toledo Peled

and I realized that: 1. lipstick is fun, 2. red lipstick suits me. So I started buying lipsticks, specifically red ones!

In my opinion red lipstick can be good for any day and any occasion it just depends on the shade – you can use brighter shades for fun in the sun during spring and summer or darker colors for autumn and winter and of course the holiday season! I’ve actually started going into the more vampy section of the spectrum and am now waiting for two new colors to arrive in the post. My husband claims they are all the same and that he doesn’t see the difference. We don’t talk for a while after he says such things.

These are what I have right now, all cruelty free of course:

lipstick names
Those names! Aren’t they the best part?!

Let’s begin from left to right:

  • LushDecisive is a very strong color that stays on for ages until you     properly take it off with remover. You can make it as dark or light as you want depending on how many layers you use. It’s very dry though.
  • Conquistami – still Lush, means “conquer me” in Italian. I couldn’t understand which one it was in English but it’s a very tinted lip balm. That’s also why it doesn’t stay on for too long but it does moisturize well. I use it with a brush so as not to get red all over my fingers.
  • Barry M Pillar Box Red is a bright matte color I use mostly for summer. Has good staying power and is just all around fun.
  • NYX Amsterdam matte lipstick which I wore every day on our trip to Amsterdam in August because I am the ultimate geek. It’s matte so it’s also pretty drying but stays on well after drinks, less after food.
  • Lily Lolo –  All three colors actually give good moisture to your lips and Desire is the color I’ve recently been using most. Problem is that two sips of water and you have to reapply.
swatches red lipstick
From left to right: Decisive, Amsterdam, Pillar box red, Desire, Scarlet red, French flirt (see David? they’re all different!)

Tell me what you think of red lipstick and which shade you prefer.

Links: Barry M, NYX, Lush, Lily Lolo

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4 thoughts on “Color Me Red

    1. Thank you for the suggestion!
      I’m still getting the hang of things with blogging so I might build up some confidence before I start with looks 🙂


  1. I love red lipstick shades as well! They’re all very pretty. I’d pick the shade depending on the day and my mood. I agree, red suits you very well!


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