The Body Shop Surprise

This story begins with my bad genes. I was never allergic to anything until 2 years ago when certain cosmetic products would cause my eyes to get puffy and watery. To this day I haven’t found the mascara that doesn’t make my eyelids double their size, so naturally I’m very cautious and always ask for samples first.

After discovering that L’Occitane started marketing in China and deciding to change skincare companies I’ve been going through some options but have found nothing yet. I was on the body shop online store and wanted to try the seaweed line for mixed skin so I wrote to customer service to find out about samples and returns policy. They got back to me and said they would make an exception and send me samples before I purchased I should just tell them what I would like to try. Not wanting to be greedy I asked for 1 moisturizer sample.

They arrived today and you know what I got?


Moisturizer, toner, cleanser, mask.

This is going to be a good day and I hope I love this!

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